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Become a Legislative Activist

Texas Democrats Training Opportunity

Have you completed the online LEGISLATIVE ACTIVISM TRAINING offered by Texas Democrats?  Join the fight and send a message to Republicans: Democrats are more  engaged than ever before, and we will be heard by our legislators and at  the ballot box in 2020.  If you still need to run through the training, click the following link now:

Please share this opportunity with people who want to join the effort to change Texas. #TXLEGE

Why Precinct Chairs Fail? ...And How to Avoid That

Written by: Tarrant County Democratic Precinct Chairs

Precinct Chairs occupy important leadership roles within their communities. Perpetuating an active role as Precinct Chair for the duration of one's term promotes the greatest successes, but like all of us, the distractions of daily life can translate into a more inactive Precinct Chair. Tarrant County Democratic Precinct Chairs aided in the achievement of flipping Tarrant County blue during the 2018 midterms. Learn how to be a more effective Precinct Chair from some of the leaders of Tarrant County by clicking on the following link:

Why Precinct Chairs Fail? ...And How to Avoid That

Voter Activation Network (VAN): Access to TX Democrats' Voter Database

From Texas Democrats on VAN:  "The Texas Democratic Party maintains an online voter file, the Texas  VAN (Voter Activation Network), to empower campaigns and activists with  the tools they need to Turn Texas Blue. The VAN is an online database  that allows us to organize information about voters and volunteers to  ensure we’re targeting the right voters and turning them out to vote. It  makes campaigns more efficient and effective and allows campaigns and  activists to track their projects and successes. This powerful database allows Democrats to ensure that our  communities are registered to vote and allows us to encourage everyone  to make it to the ballot box—no matter where you live in Texas. Access to the voter file is free for Democratic Party leaders and is  provided at a small cost to candidates for office who run as Democrats. '

How to Gain Access

To be announced shortly.

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Agenda Download(s)

March 3, 3 p.m. at the Grimes County Annex Building, 114 W. Buffington, Anderson, TX

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