Glossary - A to C


Alternate Judge

One of two Election Judges at a polling place. The AJ acts as an ordinary clerk at the polling place unless the Presiding Judge (PJ) needs help. See “Election Judge” 

Block Walking

Face-to-face conversations with targeted voters about why they are supporting a campaign is the most effective way to encourage others to join in and vote in elections. Having one-on-one conversations with these voters is how we win elections. 


Block walking, knocking on residential doors to find and talk with voters. The typical script includes a party preference question, a voting suggestion, handing out candidate information, and a request for volunteer time and/or donations. 

County Chair

 Elected head of a political party’s county office. 

County Executive Committee (CEC)

The governing body of HCDP, composed of the County Chair, elected officers (Secretary and Treasurer), and Precinct Chairs. 

Cutting Turf

Dividing up neighborhoods for canvassing teams. Typically done with VAN by precinct chairs or campaign staff.