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Filing for a Place on the Democratic Primary Ballot

Candidates wishing to file for a place on the Democratic Primary Ballot may do so beginning on November 11, 2019. The filing period ends on December 9, 2019 at 6pm CST.   

Chairman James Harris will be available at Harris Tire at 907 South LaSalle St., Navasota, TX between 9am and 6pm to accept completed applications and fees or petitions in lieu of fees. Please remember that applications must be notarized.

The Democratic Party of Texas has asked that Candidates complete the brief survey below.

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What is a Precinct Chair?

The  primary job of a Precinct Chair is to increase the number of people  voting Democratic in their precinct. This is the core of grassroots  politics; neighbors talking to neighbors to persuade them to vote in  elections and choose candidates representing the values and platform of  the Democratic Party.

  • Recruit neighbors to help contact other neighbors
  • Walk your neighborhood to speak with other voters
  • Call other voters in your neighborhood
  • Speak with other Precinct Chairs

Precinct  Chairs are also members of the Executive Committee of the Grimes County  Democratic Party.  The Executive Committee meets every quarter and is  responsible for reviewing and approving party activities. They also fill  vacant Precinct Chair positions.

Candidates  for public office, in the Primary or the general election, or even in  non-partisan elections such as city councils and school boards, may ask  Precinct Chairs for their support and endorsement. Precinct Chairs are  free to endorse, as individuals,  any Democrats in partisan races, or in the Primary, or any candidate in  non-partisan elections, but they need not do so. The endorsement and  support of very active Precinct Chairs can greatly help a candidate.

Any  registered voter with some time, energy, and commitment to helping  elect Democrats to office can become the Precinct Chair in the voting  precinct where they live.

The  voters in the Democratic Primary elect Precinct Chairs for a two-year  term, which starts after the Primary Runoff. Most candidates for  Precinct Chair have no opponent in the Primary. You may place your name  on the ballot for Precinct Chair in the next Democratic Primary by  submitting the official state filing form. Go to the Secretary of  State's Election Division for additional resources. There is no fee for  filing. The form must be notarized.